Beware of Unsolicited Domain Registration Invoices

Posted by auDA on 20 February 2019

auDA has been informed of a number of .au registrants receiving unsolicited invoices requesting payment to register or renew a domain name which is similar to their existing .au domain name.

For example, the registrant holds the licence to use the name, they receive a letter asking for payment to register or

The letters resemble invoices and there is a risk of registrants paying the invoice in the mistaken belief they are renewing their .au domain name licence, when they’re actually paying to register a new, different domain name.

If you receive a letter like the one described, read it carefully before taking action.

You are under no obligation to register any other domain names that correspond to your existing .au domain name licence.

Keep track of who your .au domain name is registered with

Part of why this kind of activity is effective is registrants often don’t know who their domain name is registered with. This often happens when a name has been registered, and the licence automatically renewed, over a long period of time.

To check who your registrar is, the first step is to perform a WHOIS search. The search will tell you who the registrar of record is. However, if that name seems unfamiliar, you may have registered your domain name licence with a reseller. The registrar of record will be able to tell you who that is.

If you have received one of these unsolicited invoices, you can submit complaints with the following organisations: