Generic Domain Name Auction Update 02/04/02

Posted by Jo Lim on 2 April 2002

  • auDA received 9,900 generic name applications, all of which must be manually assessed to ensure that applicants are eligible under the policy rules. All applicants will be notified as soon as possible. Please do not telephone or email auDA or Stuff requesting an update on timing or the status of your application.

  • Names for which there was more than one applicant are currently being processed in alphabetical order. Auctions for names beginning with "A" commenced in mid-March. We are now processing names beginning with "B".


  • Names for which there was only one applicant have now been processed and all applicants notified.


  • If you applied for a name and did not hear from auDA by 08/03/02, then you should assume that you are one of multiple applicants for the name. You will be contacted as soon as all applications for that name have been assessed.


  • If you are unclear about how the process works click here.