Internet Name Group – information for domain name registrants

Posted by Jo Lim on 21 August 2002

auDA has become aware that Internet Name Protection Pty Ltd, otherwise known as Internet Name Group (ING), has been placed in administration.

Domain Name Renewals:
auDA understands that there are some customers of ING whose domain names have not been renewed, even though a renewal fee has been paid to ING.

If you have paid ING to renew a domain name on your behalf you should;

  1. Go to AusRegistry and do a WHOIS search on your domain name to find out the name of your registrar of record.
  2. Contact your registrar of record (you can access their web site by clicking on their name in the WHOIS search result) to find out whether your domain name has been renewed since you paid ING, and what the expiry date of your domain name is.

If you have paid a renewal fee to ING but your domain name has NOT been renewed, then you will need to pay another registrar or reseller to renew your domain name prior to its expiry date.

You can renew your domain name through your current registrar of record, or choose another registrar or a reseller. Prices and service offerings vary. See the list of auDA accredited registrars and appointed resellers.

PLEASE NOTE that your domain name cannot be renewed more than 90 days before the expiry date.

Domain Name Management:
Some customers have paid ING to ‘manage’ their domain name for periods of up to 10 years. These payments do NOT mean that your domain name will be renewed when it expires. You will need to renew your domain name at the appropriate time through another registrar or reseller.

Other services offered by ING:
auDA understands that ING offered other services such as email forwarding, web hosting and non .au domain name registrations. None of these services fall within auDA’s policies, and auDA cannot advise on what steps ING customers should take regarding these matters.

Money paid to ING:
If you have paid money to ING and have not received the service you paid for, then you may be an unsecured creditor and you should contact the administrator for more information:

Robyn Erskine or Peter Goodin
Brooke Bird Chartered Accountants
471 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East, VIC 3123
Tel: 03 9882 6666