NetFleet breaches Code of Practice

Posted by Jo Lim on 24 February 2011

auDA has found that NetAlliance Pty Ltd trading as NetFleet, a reseller of the NetRegistry Group, has breached the .au Domain Name Suppliers’ Code of Practice (2004-04) .

In January 2011, NetFleet sent out promotional emails to approximately 1,200 customers of, using contact details obtained from the .au registry database.

auDA found that these actions breached the Code of Practice, because NetFleet did not have an existing relationship with the customers, and it obtained the customers’ contact details from the registry in breach of the Registrar Agreement.

NetFleet’s actions also caused NetRegistry Group registrar TPP Internet to be in breach of the Registrar Agreement.

To rectify the breach, NetFleet and TPP Internet have undertaken to destroy or permanently erase all records of any information including, without limitation, any domain name or registrant contact record obtained as a result of the breach.

In addition, NetFleet personnel must undertake auDA policy training, and the company must conduct a comprehensive review of all its procedures and systems to ensure compliance with its obligations.