Proposed Membership and Governance Model

Posted by auDA on 24 August 2018

Dear auDA Members,

As mentioned in Thursday's email from the Consultation Model Working Group (CMWG), the auDA board presents to members the proposed membership and governance model for auDA’s future:

This model, developed by auDA, reflects the input and views of the CMWG along with the board’s careful consultation with many other parties including the internet community, the domain industry and international peers.

The model has been considered extensively by legal advisors with specialist knowledge in designing membership models for not-for-profit entities and reflects best practice in a number other industry self-regulatory organisations. The model is further informed by ICANN's empowered community objectives in addition to the intent of the multi-stakeholder model and the recommendations of the Federal Government’s Review. 

The net result is a single membership open to any applicant who has a demonstrable link to Australia. To ensure stability as we adopt the new model, there is a three year transitional arrangement that features “governing” and “associate” members. The above linked document explains this in detail.

We strongly encourage members to take the time to consider this model.

We also encourage members to take part in the live online Q&A with auDA's legal advisors and auDA Directors on Wednesday 29 August to ask questions about the model.

Register for the online Q&A
4PM AEST, Wednesday 29 August 2018

The model and the proposed constitutional changes will be forwarded to members with the notice of general meeting in early September.