Registry Transformation Project Release of Request for Tender

Posted by auDA on 1 September 2017

.au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) today is pleased to announce the release of its Request for Tender (RFT) documentation to select a provider to deliver an outsourced registry operation, based on auDA's technical specifications, by July 2018.

The registry technical specification has been reviewed through the registrars liaison committee, and was made available for public input on 21 August 2017.

The documentation has been developed in consultation with:

This RFT is restricted to the respondents to auDA's  Request for Expression of Interest dated 29 May 2017.  

PPB Advisory, Ernst & Young, JAS Global, and PwC have been engaged to evaluate the responses.   KPMG will be the probity advisor for the RFT process.

RFT responses are due 23:59 UTC, Monday 25 September 2017 (9:59am, AEST, 25 September 2017).

At this stage, the indicative timeline for the project:

  • Request for tender – 1 September 2017
  • Tender evaluation – October 2017
  • Contract negotiations – November 2017

Any questions regarding the RFT process should be directed to auDA's Project Lead - Register Transformation Project:

Dr Bruce Tonkin

Level 17, 1 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000