Statement from auDA CEO, Cameron Boardman, regarding the Policy Review Process

Posted by auDA on 16 February 2018

The Policy Review Panel is today hosting its final public forum in Brisbane. This follows forums in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne which have enabled enthusiastic debate among participants.

The issues raised in the Panel’s paper, Registrant Policy: Enabling Australia’s Digital Economy and Society, are of importance to all Australian internet users.

These forums have been an integral part of the Policy Review Process and are an effective mechanism for engaging with the Australian community. The discussion and feedback have been extremely productive in evolving the panel’s thinking on these important issues.

Debate of these issues is a vital part of the policy review process. The range of views from industry and consumers must, and will, be considered, and the Panel will apply equitable evaluation of all views presented at the forums, in addition to the submissions received.

However, for the Panel to fully consider all issues, it is vital that any organisation or individual who has an interest in this issue participates in the consultative process. Submissions are actively encouraged up to the closing date of 4 March 2018.

It must be noted that neither auDA, nor the Panel, has decided upon any model or implementation process. What has been presented in the Issues Paper is for public consideration and feedback. Any speculation that one model over another will be implemented is wrong; there is still much more for the Panel to consider.

Ultimately the final decision rests with the auDA Board. On current timings, the Panel is scheduled to report its final recommendations to the auDA Board in late August. The board will then fully consider all issues before making a final decision on appropriate policies.

I want to reassure the .au community that auDA is committed to an independent and multi-stakeholder policy development process to deliver the best outcome for all Australians.

I openly encourage all stakeholders to continue to participate in this process. For those individuals who have attended the forums, I thank you sincerely for your input to date.

I wish the Panel the best with its future deliberations. I look forward to what I’m sure will be an extremely positive contribution to the future of the .au domain space.

Cameron Boardman
CEO, .au Domain Administration Ltd.