Notice of Annual General Meeting - 2001

The Board of Directors of .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), is pleased to invite you to attend its 2001 Annual General Meeting.

Date: Monday 26 November, 2001
Time: 1.30 pm
Venue:   Sebel Hotel. 394 Collins Street. Melbourne 3000


  • Report the activities of the Board
  • Report on progress towards achieving the objectives of auDA
  • Elect Directors to Board of auDA to replace those retiring by rotation

Board Election

The third AGM will elect 5 Directors to the Board, to replace 5 Directors who must retire in accordance with clause 19.3 of auDA's constitution. The Directors elected will serve for a term of two years

The vacancies which will become available are:

  • one (1) Director elected only by the Supply Class Members
  • two (2) Directors elected only by the Demand Class Members
  • one (1) Director elected only by the Representative Association Class Members
  • one (1) Director elected by the Members voting together as a whole

Retiring Directors may re-contest these vacancies.
The following are the candidates for election to the Board of auDA at the 2001 AGM:

 Candidate  Class  Proposed by  Seconded by
 Kim Davies  Demand*  Galen Townson  Nick Takayama
 Peter Dean  Supply  Cliff Reardon  Bruce Tonkin
 Ray Herbert  Rep A*  Small Business Assoc  SETEL
 David Keegel  Rep A*  AUUG  SAGE-AU
 David Lindsay      Demand*  Bruce Tonkin  Jan Webster
 Ian Johnston  Demand*  Bruce Tonkin  Ewan Brown
 Jacqui Maiolo  Supply  Bruce Tonkin  Jan Webster
 Tom Muecke  Demand*  Small Business Coalition      SETEL
 Peter Nissen  Rep A*       AVCC  AARNet
 Joshua Rowe      Demand*  Cliff Reardon  Jon Lawrence
 Ron Stark  Supply  Bruce Tonkin  Jan Webster

Candidates with a "*" following the class have chosen also to stand for the Director position voted for by all members, in the event that they are not elected as Directors in the vote by members of the indicated class

Candidates Kim Davies and David Keegel are current Directors of auDA retiring by rotation, while Don Cameron has withdrawn his nomination

Select Candidate statements, to view the information

2000- 2001 Accounts are now available


  1. Motion to approve the auDA AGM 2000 Minutes
  2. Report from the Chair on activities and progress
  3. Report from the Chair of the Financial Committee on financial status
  4. Acceptance of 2000- 2001 Accounts
  5. Resignation from the Board of those Directors retiring by rotation
  6. Elections conducted for new Directors to the Board, with voting by:
  • Supply Class (1 Director)
  • Demand Class (2 Directors)
  • Representative Association Class (1 Director)
  • All Members (1 Director)
  • Any Other Business
  • Close of Business

You cannot vote at the AGM unless you are a member of auDA. Membership for the AGM closed on 8 October 2001

For members who cannot attend the meeting but still wish to vote in the election, a Proxy Form (PDF) and instructions are available online, and will be emailed to members. All members have the right to appoint a proxy, where the proxy does not need to be a member of auDA

Proxy forms must be received by 5pm AEDT, Friday 23 November 2001

Forms should be faxed to: 03 9349 5711
If you have any problems, please contact Jo Lim