Board Minutes - 7 October 1999

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

7 October 1999 - 07.15pm
Deloitte Consulting. Level 7, 213 Miller Street. North Sydney NSW 2060

Chris Chaundy (CC), Kim Davies (KDa), Kevin Dinn (KDi), Mark Hughes (MH), Michael Malone (MM), Erica Roberts (ER), David Thompson (DT), Greg Watson (GW), Andrew Dawson, Patrick Fair, Asa Masterman, Nikki Vajrabukka.



1. Executive
MOTION: That Mark Hughes, Kim Davies and Michael Malone continue in their respective positions of Treasurer, Secretary and President until the next board meeting. Moved: DT, Seconded: ER, Passed.

2. Annual Return
MOTION: That auDA sign and lodge the 1999 Annual Report with ASIC. Moved: MM, Seconded: DT, Passed.

3. Ballots
MOTION: That the election ballots from the auDA 1999 AGM be destroyed. Moved: MM, Seconded: MH, Passed.

4. Expenses
MOTION: To reimburse previous reasonable expenses for board members, and to continue to do so for future meetings. Moved: MM, Seconded: CC, Passed.

5. Dates
The next board meeting is to be held on Monday, 8th November in Melbourne at the offices of Connect at 1pm.

6. Connect Agreement
MOTION: That the chairman sign the Connect contract. Moved: MM, Seconded: KDi, Passed.

7. Press
ACTION 1/7: GW to send a rough draft of press release to board, incorporating Connect agreement and new board.

8. Meeting closed at 7:50pm.