Board Minutes - 6 December 1999

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

6 December 1999 - 1.13pm Pty Ltd. Level 9, 114 Albert Road. South Melbourne VIC 3205

Chris Chaundy (CC), Kim Davies (KDa), Kevin Dinn (KDi), Kim Heitman (KH), Mark Hughes (MH), David Keegel (DK), Michael Malone (MM), Iain Morrison (IM), Erica Roberts (ER), David Thompson (DT), Greg Watson (GW)

B. Thomas - NOIE.


1. Confirmation of Minutes of the Previous Meeting
MOTION: Board Meetings are to be taped, for the sole purpose of preparing the Minutes, and then destroyed after the Minutes have been confirmed. Passed.

MOTION: That the Board endorses the principle that a scribe produces draft minutes of future Board Meetings. Passed. It was noted that DK (as Secretary) should send out two versions of the minutes -- one for Board/internal use, and one for publication.

2. Actions Arising from the Minutes

3. Reports

4.1 Chair's Report [MM]

CEO Search

MM tabled recommendations of the CEO Selection sub-committee.

ACTION 4.1/9: GW to organise a meeting in Melbourne with Joseph O'Reilly.

MOTION: Pending the outcome of the Melbourne meeting and satisfactory referee checks, we authorise MM to organise a contract with Joseph O'Reilly. Passed.

4.2 Treasurer's Report

A financial statement was presented, which showed that auDA is able to pay its debts.

4.3 Membership Report

The following new members were approved by the Board:

Domain Registrations Pty Ltd (Supply Class)
Apple Computer Australia (Demand Class)

MOTION: That the name and membership class of each auDA member in the members database be published on the web site. Passed.

4.4 Publicity Officer's Report

MH circulated a table showing areas on which there had been comment or enquiries.

4.5 Secretary's Report.

Nothing to report this month.

5. Conflict of Interest

5.1 CoI forms were received from KDi, DK and ER.

5.2 Draft CoI policy to be published on web site

5.3 No changes of Directors Interests were reported.


Melbourne IT have sent a letter to auDA advising that they are de-coupling from AUNIC. A discussion followed on the role/functions of AUNIC.

CC stated that AUNIC functions are:

    a jumping off point for applicants to find registrars in *.au
    a source of whois data
    a point were co-ordination and locking of domain allocation can be done.

ACTION (6.1/9): MM to write to Melbourne IT recognising their position with respect to AUNIC (given uncertainty about Y2k compliance, etc), and suggesting that reconnection to AUNIC at a later time may be required. (by 1999-12-13)

ACTION (6.2/9): MM (on behalf of auDA) to contact Warren Richter of OGO to discuss Government requirements for operation of through proposed transition of AUNIC. MM to advise the Board of requirements.

It was noted auDA could provide a "jumping off point" for registrars. The remaining AUNIC functions which would need to be looked at are:

    whois service (including personal NIC handles), and registry.

ACTION (6.3/9): MM to inform GH (Geoff Huston) that auDA are prepared to take on AUNIC, but not until February 18. auDA can write a media release about taking responsibility for AUNIC. To clarify the position of and registry/registrar services. Noting that if GH proposes to carry on registry/registrar roles then auDA would (in future) seek to have these roles subject to license agreements.

ACTION (6.4/9): MM to write a media release explaining AUNIC transition.

ACTION (6.5/9): DT (assisted by GW as required) to co-ordinate a process for obtaining replacement software to run AUNIC. 7. Information Privacy and Protection

8. Letters of delegation from Robert Elz

Copies of the Delegation Letters from Robert Elz to the various 2LD delegates were tabled.

10. Legal Services for auDA

[KH] MOTION: That the Board proposes to continue to instruct Patrick Fair, through Baker and McKenzie, subject to confirming suitable terms with Baker and McKenzie. Passed.

12. Other Business

12.1 Pronunciation of auDA After a vote, it was determined that the pronunciation "owda" (rhymes with chowder) was the most popular of 4 alternatives.

12.2 Agreements with existing 2LD administrators

In principle the agreement should be offered to other 2LD administrators. MM noted that Melbourne IT's arrangement was currently non-exclusive.

Web pages.

ER proposed that all licenses be posted on the web site, after the relevant parties have been consulted.

13. Next meeting: 10th January 2000, 1pm, at Melbourne IT.

There was a vote of thanks to for providing food for this (and the previous) meeting.

Meeting closed at 7:07pm.