Board Minutes - 7 February 2000

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

7 February 2000 - 01.00pm
Melbourne IT. Level 2, 120 King Street. Melbourne VIC 3000

Greg Watson - Acting Chair, David Keegel - Secretary, Mark Hughes - Treasurer, Chris Chaundy, David Thompson, Kim Davies, Erica Roberts (Dr.) Kevin Dinn

Kim Heitman and Michael Malone

Joseph O'Reilly - Chief Executive Officer and Brenton Thomas - NOIE

David Thompson - directed proxy to Greg Watson

1. Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Kim Davies moved, Greg Watson seconded that -

The minutes of the previous meeting held on 10 January 2000 are a true and accurate reflection of the meeting.

Kim Davies moved, Greg Watson seconded that -

The summary of record ofthe previous meeting held on 10 January 2000 be approved for distribution.

2. Continuous Disclosure

Kevin Dinn raised the issue of directors being required to disclose any shares in companies within or under auDA's decision making jurisdiction.

Kevin Dinn moved, Mark Hughes seconded that -

The CEO obtain legal advice on the appropriate degree of disclosure for directors with shares incompanies associated with auDA.


3. Reports

(a) Chairs Report

The Chair indicated that he had an opportunity to meet with Senator Richard Alston in Perth and that the Minister had raised a variety of issues regarding the Australian Domain Name Space.

(b) Chief Executive Report

Joseph O'Reilly spoke to his report.

(c) Treasurer's Report

Mark Hughes indicated that we had received two new requests for, membership,

- Anderson Legal
- South Coast Computer Professional Centre

Mark Hughes moved, David Keegel seconded -

That both requests formembership be approved.


(c) Publicity Officer's Report

AUNIC Inquiries.


Greg Watson spoke to the process for

Tender documents

Selection Criteria

Email to board at the same time

MM, GW, DK, DT, MH, JO will form a tender panel for AUNIC Hosting tender.

Expressions of Interest have already been requested (and closed on 4 February).

The predicted "go live" date for the new AUNIC Hosting is 10th April 2000.

6. Policy Development

Panels Policy

Version 2.2 of the Policy Development Panels Policy was circulated. The CEO suggested that a number of amendments needed to be made for consistency.

Kevin Dinn moved and David Keegel seconded that -

That the PDPP Version 2.2 be circulated with suggested amendments by the CEO and approved out of session.

7. Dr. Roberts raised a series of questions about what the key task AUNIC were.

Critical functions/Collison control/approval

9. Domain Name Policy Development Panel

The CEO spoke to a report entitled ‘Establishment of Name Allocation Policy Development Panel Process'.

Directors discussed the appropriateness of the Terms of Reference and agreed to Terms of Reference i.and ii without any additional comments and that a preamble outlining the context for the establishment of the panel would need to be developed.

The CEO then spoke to the issue of the panel Chair, membership and the development of the work plan which he proposed should come back to the Board at the next meeting.

Erica Roberts movedand Greg Watson seconded that-

Derek Whitehead be appointed Chair of the Name Allocation Policy Development Panel.


10. Competition Policy Panel

Greg Watson moved, David Keegel seconded -

That George Michaelson be appointed Chair of the Competition Policy Panel.


Erica Roberts spoke against the motion.

11. Business Strategic Planning

The CEO indicated that a variety of directors had had discussions with him about the need for auDA to begin a strategic planning process.


That the Chair, Deputy Chair, David Thompson, CEO, Iain Morrison constitute a Business and Strategic Planning subcommittee and prepare a report for the Board's consideration on preparing a business and strategic plan for auDA.

Directors agreed in principle to an all day meeting scheduled for 3rd April 2000 some ofwhich would be devoted to a facilitated strategic planning workshop.

12. Information Privacy & Protection


The Information privacy and Protection paper be put on the auDA web site and that the paper be circulated to key stakeholders for consultation.

Other Business

Bank Account Signatories

Mark Hughes moved, Michael Malone seconded that -

Mark Hughes, David Thompson, Michael Malone, Joseph O'Reilly be signatories to the auDA bank account.


Financial Delegations

Mark Hughes moved, Kim Davies seconded that -

The CEO and Treasurer be approved to initiate payments via the on-line banking system to a value of not more than $5,000 in the normal course of business.


auDA and the GST


That the CEO report on the implications of the GST for auDA.

A decision was made not to increase membership fees due to the GST.

Letters were receiived from

    Confirming sponsorship of web hosting and secondary DNS for
    Delegation of authority from Chris Chaundy to for the duration of the Interim Period in the auDA/ agreement.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will beheld on Friday, March 3, 2000, Melbourne.

Meeting closed at 5:41pm.