Board Minutes - 13 August 2007

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

13 August 2007 - 1.00pm
Maddocks. Angel Place, 123 Pitt Street. Sydney NSW 2000

Chris Disspain, Marty Drill, Brett Fenton, David Goldstein, Julie Hammer, Kim Heitman, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Jo Lim, Bennett Oprysa, Josh Rowe, Peter Shilling and Tony Staley

Paul Szyndler (DCITA)


1. Continuous Disclosure
DG advised that he has started providing his domain name news service to ACMA and DENIC.

2. Confirmation of Minutes
The minutes of the June 2007 meeting were confirmed.

3. EGM Outcomes
The special resolutions put to members were passed by the requisite majority in each class (refer to EGM Minutes). The changes to the constitution take immediate effect.

Action: Supply class members to be notified of possible changes to their membership.

CD proposed that a full independent review of auDA’s membership and board structure be conducted by external consultants. If the board agrees, the review would take place during 2008.

Action: CD to advise the board of different review options at the October meeting.

4. Policy Development

• 2007 Names Policy Panel
JL gave a progress report on behalf of Derek Whitehead. The Panel is working towards its second consultation report, which will contain its draft recommendations to the board. Two issues remain outstanding – the domain monetisation policy, and resale of domain names.

JL advised that domain tasting may form part of the Panel’s discussion of domain monetisation. It was noted that domain tasting is not just a policy issue, but also has security and stability implications. The board agreed that domain tasting does not fall within the Panel’s Terms of Reference, and should not be included in the Panel’s recommendations.

5. Finance Report

The board noted the July accounts.

6. CEO Report

The following issues were noted:

• Education and media
The current focus of auDA’s education and media program is on raising small business awareness. It was noted that auDA is working on developing better links and communication with relevant state government agencies (eg. consumer affairs).

• auDA Strategic Plan
CD advised that an updated Strategic Plan, including actions completed to date and a timetable for outstanding actions, will be presented to the board at the October meeting.

7. auDA Foundation Report

The board noted the report. The Foundation has received 65 grant applications for the 2007 round, and total funds sought is approximately $1.7million.

8. auCD Report

The board noted the report. It is anticipated that outcomes of the community geographic domain name policy review, and any consequential changes to auCD operations, will be presented to the board at the October meeting.

9. AGM 2007

The AGM will be held in Melbourne on Monday 15 October, after the board meeting.

The board noted that holding the AGM in conjunction with the October board meeting (instead of sometime in November) makes it possible to hold a board meeting in December, thereby maintaining a bi-monthy meeting schedule throughout the year.

10. Membership Applications

The members below were approved in the classes indicated:

Aussie HQ (supply)
Anchor Systems (supply)
Peter Davidoff (demand)
Consumers’ Telecommunication Network (demand)
Jeremy Feiglin (demand)

The application from Planet Domain (supply) was held over, due to changes in supply class membership qualifications following the EGM.

11. Board correspondence

There was no correspondence.

12. Other Business

The board noted that KH attended the ICANN Puerto Rico meeting in June, and JH will attend the ICANN LA meeting in November. It was agreed that all directors should be given the opportunity to attend ICANN meetings.

Action: CD to recommend a policy for director attendance at ICANN meetings.

13. Next Meeting

The next board meeting will be held on Monday 15 October in Melbourne, before the AGM.