Board Minutes - 14 June 2011

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

14 June 2011 - 11.00am
Maddocks. Level 7, 140 William Street. Melbourne VIC 3000

Tony Staley (Chair), Kim Heitman, Chris Disspain, Julie Hammer, Graham McDonald, Josh Rowe, Marty Drill, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Amin Kroll, George Pongas, Dwayne Varey, Rosemary Sinclair

Peter Nettlefold (DBCDE), Jo Lim (auDA), Jacki O’Sullivan (auDA-Minutes), Derek Whitehead (Reference item 5), John Higgins (Reference item 2- 7)


  1. Continuous Disclosure
    Dwayne Varey advised the board (via email 2 June 2011) that he has resigned from his current role with iiNET and taken up a new position as CTO with Registrar, Uber Global.
  2. Confirmation of April 2011 Minutes
    The minutes of the 19 April 2011 Board meeting were confirmed.
  3. Policy Development
    2010 Names Policy Panel:
    • Derek Whitehead, Chair of the 2010 Names Policy Panel, provided a summary and status. To date, there have been 10 submissions and 31 survey responses to the Panel’s second public consultation. Final discussions will take place at the next panel meeting on 16 June. This is likely to be the final panel meeting with the final recommendations paper due to be submitted to the August Board meeting.
  4. Finance Report
    • The Board noted the May 2011 accounts.
    • The Audit Services Request for Tender will be issued to selected companies and responses considered at the August Board meeting, for formal approval at the 2011 AGM.
  5. Approval of 2011-2012 Budget
    • The board noted the 2011-2012 budget.
    • K Heitman endorsed the budget on behalf of the Finance Committee.

    Motion (proposed K Heitman, seconded M Drill):
    That the board approve the 2011-2012 budget.

  6. AusRegistry Presentation
    Adrian Kinderis, CEO and Maggie Whitnall from AusRegistry attended and gave a summary of AusRegistry activities and commitments under the Registry Licence Agreement. The Board will gather information via the email list and advise AusRegistry on suggested topics for presentation at future Board meetings.
  7. CEO Report
    • The CEO report was noted.
    • Board members noted progress on implementation of the recommendations contained in the Board & Membership Structure Sub-Committee final report.
  8. Membership
    The following membership applications were approved in the classes indicated:

    Name of Applicant Class
    Ricky Jay van Berkel Demand
    Insynrg Pty Ltd Demand
    David Harry Demand
    Victor Ng Demand
    Stuart Benjamin Demand
    Naomi Benjamin Demand
    Peter Moon Demand
    Andrew Murray Demand
    Kovi Henenberg Demand
    Jump P/L Demand
    Liam Widdowson Demand
    Amba Communications P/L Demand
    Bill McGrath Demand
    Strategic Chemistry P/L Demand
    Kelly Taylor Demand
    Matthew Hall Demand
    Susan Mack Demand
    Website Essentials P/L Supply
    Provida Pty Ltd Demand
    Ian Robert Polman Demand
    Trinah Pickering Demand
    Michael Cafarella Demand
    Casey Stevens Demand
    Kym Squire Demand Demand
    Peter Anderson Demand
    Robin Schmitt Demand
    Craig Ng Demand
    Chris Burgess Demand
    Nik Kingsman Demand
    William Standen Demand
    Lu Zhang Demand
    Joanne Dinh Demand
    Zara Hassan Demand
    Suzanna Broome Demand
    Paul Woods Demand
    Patrick Sharry Demand
    PS2 Pty Ltd Demand
    Paul Levins Demand
    Levins Consulting Demand
    Govind Pillai Demand
    Anders Sundberg Demand
    Craig Malouf Demand
    Darrel Andrew Menzies Demand
    Nicole Yvonne Quelhurst Demand
    Debbie McIntyre Demand
    Christopher Steven McIntyre Demand
    Michelle Lee Howell Demand
    Richard Denver Demand
    Stefan Willoughby Demand
    Wendy Colin Demand
    David Fromant Demand
    Vanessa Tyrer Demand
    Michael Shaw Demand
    Will Denver Demand
    Jamie Denver Demand
    Chris Denver Demand
    Barry Tyrer Demand
    Michael Hardiman Demand
    Cameron Groppi Demand
    Monty Hamilton Demand
    Wendy Praud Demand
    Dale Reeves Demand
    Jennifer Kieran Demand
    Luke Cuthbertson Demand
    David Connolly Demand
    John Hillier Demand
    Julian Penwright Demand
    Carl Hovey Demand
    Tim Noonan Demand
    Michelle Jakubowska Demand
    Jayne Bailey Demand
    George Pongas Demand
    Pipeflow Pty Ltd-Nick Waddell    Demand
    Krista Papac Demand

  9. Proposed changes to Constitution
    • The proposed changes to the constitution were reviewed and discussed. The changes deal with the proposal to introduce a ‘Life Members’ scheme, updating references to legislation and removing redundant provisions, and changes to the timeframe for handling membership renewals.
    • It was agreed that Maddocks would revise the wording as discussed and resubmit the final suggested changes together with the proposed formal resolutions to the August Board meeting for formal approval at the 2011 AGM.
  10. Board Correspondence
    There was no Board correspondence.
  11. Other Business
    • Board members were requested to advise any change of address to Jo Lim & Jacki O’Sullivan via email so that the necessary ASIC and company paperwork can be completed as required.
  12. Next Meeting
    The next board meeting will be held on Monday 15 August 2010 at 11.00am.