Board Minutes - 11 December 2013

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

11 December 2013 - 2.00am
.au Domain Administration Limited. 114 Cardigan Street. Carlton VIC 3053

Tony Staley (Chair), Julie Hammer, Josh Rowe, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, George Pongas, Paul Levins, Graham McDonald, Stuart Benjamin, Erhan Karabardak, Joe Manariti, Chris Disspain, Kartic Srinivasan

John Higgins (Nexia Australia), Keith Besgrove (DoC), Jo Lim (auDA), Jacki O’Sullivan (auDA–Minutes)


1.    Continuous Disclosure
Erhan Karabardak advised his brother, Eric Karabardak, has acquired a second accredited registrar.

2.    Confirmation of October 2013 Minutes
The minutes of the 15 October 2013 Board meeting were confirmed.

3.    Election of Chair
The Deputy Chair called for nominations for the position of Board Chair.

Nominated:  Tony Staley (moved G McDonald, seconded C Langdon-Orr).
Elected: Tony Staley

4.    Election of Deputy Chair
The Chair called for nominations for the position of Board Deputy Chair.
Nominated:  Julie Hammer (moved E Karabardak, seconded C Langdon-Orr).
Elected: Julie Hammer

5.    Reconstitution of Board Committees
The Board agreed on reconstitution of the sub-committees without change as follows:

Finance & Audit Committee:
• Graham McDonald (Chair), Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Kartic Srinivasan and Stuart Benjamin.

Governance, Board Succession and Remuneration Committee:
• Cheryl Langdon-Orr (Chair), Julie Hammer, Paul Levins, Graham McDonald and Joe Manariti.

Strategic Risk Committee:
• Julie Hammer (Chair), George Pongas, Kartic Srinivasan, Josh Rowe and Erhan Karabardak.

6.    Finance
The Board noted the November 2013 accounts.

7.    CEO Report

  • The CEO report was noted.
  • The Board was advised AICTEC, who currently have delegated responsibility via a sub-sponsorship agreement between DoE and auDA to manage and administer, would be abolished by the Government as at 31 December 2013.  The COPO will attend a meeting on 13 December 2013 to discuss options for the ongoing management of  Further information will be supplied to the Board in due course.
  • DoC advised it would provide auDA with a summary of outcomes of recent discussions with AGIMO regarding
  • DoC advised Andrew Maurer would take up a representative position on the MAG.

8.    Board Committee Updates

Finance & Audit Committee:

  • The Chair advised the Committee had met on 9 December 2013 and minutes would be circulated shortly for comment.
  • The Committee are currently reviewing US$ expenditure for the last 2 years and will consider whether the purchase of additional US$ currency is required at the next meeting.

Governance, Board Succession & Remuneration Committee:

  • The Chair advised the Committee had met on 5 December 2013 and minutes would be circulated shortly for comment.
  • The Chair noted there had been minor changes to the previous approved minutes of 11 October 2013 and a final copy would be circulated to the Board for information.
  • The Board was advised a response to the draft ccTLD Protocols document is currently being finalised and would be provided by end January 2014.

 Strategic Risk Committee:

  • The Chair advised the December meeting had been cancelled at short notice as it conflicted with the Memorial Service for Leonie Dunbar.  With the usual reduced activity in the December/January period, it is not practical to reschedule the December meeting in the near future.  Therefore, the next meeting is scheduled to be held following the February 2014 Board meeting.

9.    Membership
The following membership applications were approved in the classes indicated.

 Name of Applicant  Class
 AusCert  Demand

10.  Board Correspondence
There was no Board correspondence.

11.  Other Business

  • The CEO advised an award would be added to the 2014 ANZIAs (and ongoing) for community geographic websites, in memory of Leonie Dunbar.
  • The Board was advised there would be a possible restructure/reorganisation of staff roles/duties over January-March 2014 prior to the March staff retreat.

12.  2014 Proposed Board meeting dates
The proposed schedule of 2014 Board meeting dates was circulated and members were asked to advise of any date conflicts.

13.  Next Meeting
The next Board meeting will be held on Monday 17 February 2014 at 11.00am in Melbourne.