Board Minutes - 19 August 2013

Public Version
Meeting of the .au Domain Administration Board

19 August 2013, 11.00am
.au Domain Administration Limited. 114 Cardigan Street. Carlton VIC 3053

Tony Staley (Chair), Julie Hammer, Josh Rowe, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, George Pongas, Kartic Srinivasan, Paul Levins, Graham McDonald, Stuart Benjamin, Erhan Karabardak, Joe Manariti, Chris Disspain

John Higgins (Nexia Australia), Maggie Whitnall (AusRegistry – Item 5), Jo Lim (auDA), Jacki O’Sullivan (auDA–Minutes)

Peter Nettlefold (DBCDE)


  1. Continuous Disclosure
    • George Pongas advised that, due to an internal restructure within AusRegistry, he has now been appointed to GM Registry Services Australia which includes new gLTDs .melbourne and .sydney as well as .au.
    • Joe Manariti advised he had been re-elected as Vice Chair of the Australian Web Industry Association.
  2. Confirmation of June 2013 Minutes
    • The minutes of the 17 June 2013 Board meeting were confirmed.
  3. Finance Report
    • The Board noted the July 2013 accounts.
  4. CEO Report
    • The CEO report was noted.
    • The June EFY accounts are currently being finalised by the auditors and will be sent to the Finance Committee for review and approval.
    • An update was provided to the Board on accredited registrar Web Address Registration (WAR) (formerly Crazy Domains). A further update will be provided at the next Board meeting following WAR’s first scheduled compliance audit.
    • The Board noted that staff will commence implementation of a number of initiatives aimed at attracting/retaining members of auDA, including offering free member registrations to the auIGF and holding more member networking events.
    • The Board was advised there had been some delays with release of the new auDA website, but it is anticipated the website will be live by the October Board meeting.
    • The CEO, C Langdon-Orr and J Hammer provided briefing updates respectively on the ICANN Durban meeting, the activities of the ccNSO and work of ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Committee.
  5. AusRegistry Presentation
    • Maggie Whitnall - Client Services Manager .au, attended from AusRegistry and gave a presentation on the results of the .au Survey 2013 and a general industry update.
  6. Board Committee Updates
    Finance & Audit Committee:
    • The Committee meeting minutes of 14 August 2013 were approved for publication.
    • The June EFY accounts are currently being finalised by the auditors and will be sent to the Board once reviewed and approved by the Finance Committee.
    • The Board was advised that $1M of the agreed investment funds remains to be invested due to a re-evaluation of the investment proposed. A revised recommendation will be provided shortly and all funds will be invested prior to the October 2013 AGM.

    Governance, Board Succession & Remuneration Committee:
    • The Committee meeting minutes of 8 August 2013 were approved for publication.
    • The Board was advised a meeting was held between the Committee and Andrew Maurer/Annaliese Williams of DBCDE regarding the proposed ccTLD protocols. The Committee will provide a formal response to DBCDE regarding the discussions and outcomes of the meeting.
    • The Conflict of Interest policy was circulated to the Board for approval on recommendation of the Committee. Motion (proposed C Langdon-Orr, seconded S Benjamin): That the Board adopt the Conflict of Interest Policy.

    Strategic Risk Committee:
    • The Committee meeting minutes of 17 June 2013 (public version) were approved for publication.

    All Committees
    • The Board agreed that in future Committee minutes would follow the same process for approval and publication as Board minutes, ie. once approved by the Committee, the minutes would be sent to the Board mailing list and then published after 10 days if no comments are received.
  7. Membership
    • The following membership applications were approved in the classes indicated.

    Name of Applicant Class
    Timothy James Connell    Demand

  8. Board Correspondence
    • There was no Board correspondence.
  9. Other Business
    • The Board was advised the Call for Board Nominations would be sent out this week. Retiring Directors who wish to stand for re-election will need to complete and lodge the nomination form.
    • The AICD course for auDA Directors has been confirmed for Monday 9 December at 9.30am, prior to the Board meeting and Christmas function. It was recommended that all Directors attend the course.
  10. Next Meeting
    • The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday 15 October 2013 at 1.00pm in Melbourne before the AGM. Further details will be supplied in due course.