Review of Australia's .au Domain Management 2017

In October 2017, the Department of Communications and the Arts announced a review into the management of the .au domain space to examine and make reviews on:

  • the most appropriate framework for the management of the .au top level domain 
  • how to ensure that Government and community expectations inform auDA’s operation and decision-making, and 
  • mitigation strategies to address future risks to the security and stability of .au. 

As the governance arrangements around the .au domain space have not been reviewed since the Commonwealth Government's endorsement of auDA in 2000, in addition to the substantial changes in the digital environment in the intervening 17 years, auDA welcomed the review to ensure the organisation is fit-for-purpose now and into the future. 

Public submissions were invited in response to the discussion paper. Submissions closed December 18 2017.

The final report of the review was published on 18 April, 2018.

Review Documents

Final report, April 2018

Terms of Reference, October 2017

Discussion Paper, November 2017

auDA Submission

Review of Australia's .au Domain Management (submission by .au Domain Administration Limited), December 2017

Feedback from the Department of Communications and the Arts

Throughout the review process, the Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA) has provided feedback on auDA's corporate policies and governance documents. This feedback, which has been incorporated into each document, can be found below.