Congratulations Australia - 2 million .au domains!! 08/03/2011

Scams: It’s Personal - Fighting fraud on the home front 07/03/2011

Domain Name Registration Tips 02/03/2011

Some people believe that domain names are entirely the realm of technically-natured people - but that is not totally correct.

Update: IPv4 Countdown – the end is here (sort of) 18/02/2011

The auDA Foundation – One of a Kind 11/02/2011

There are many types of foundations in Australia; private foundations established by individuals, family foundations, government initiated foundations, community foundations and corporate foundations that receive income or grants from profit...

IPv4 Countdown – the end is nigh 18/01/2011

Anyone with even a passing interest in the technical workings of the Internet will be well aware of the ongoing, rapid depletion of IPv4 addresses.

auDA Launches New You Tube Channel 12/01/2011

To kick off 2011 here at auDA, we are pleased to announce the launch of our own YouTube channel, available at:

Postcard from Cartagena 07/12/2010

Chris and I are currently in Cartagena, Columbia, for the 39th meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Australians supported by auDA Foundation Grants 07/12/2010

The auDA Foundation is a charitable organisation that provides funds for innovative projects which utilise internet technology to promote and encourage education and research for the benefit of the Australian community.

Your chance to shape the future of .au 06/12/2010

Since 2000, auDA has used Advisory Panels to help us develop and review the policy framework for .au domain names.

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