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Notice of 2017 auDA Annual General Meeting 05/11/2017

The Board of Directors of .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) is pleased to invite you to attend its 2017 Annual General Meeting. 

auDA welcomes Federal Government review of .au domain 19/10/2017

The Board and Executive of auDA today welcomed the announcement of a Federal Government review into the .au domain.

Statement regarding Di Parker 16/10/2017

auDA today advises that Di Parker will be leaving the company as a result of a restructure.

Call for nominations for election to the auDA Board 2017 12/10/2017

auDA is pleased to open the call for nominations for election to the auDA Board.

.au is changing: Direct Registration Public Consultation Opens 06/10/2017

.au Domain Administration (auDA) is seeking public submissions regarding the options to allow registration of a domain name directly before the dot in .au, such as ‘’ 

Close of Requests for Tender 03/10/2017

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) today is pleased to announce that a total of 9 full responses have been received in response to auDA's Request for Tender (RFT) for the...

Registry Transformation Project Release of Request for Tender 01/09/2017

.au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) today is pleased to announce the release of its Request for Tender (RFT) documentation to select a provider to deliver an outsourced registry operation, based on auDA's...

Draft Registry Technical Specification now Available for Comment 21/08/2017

The Draft Registry Technical Specification for the Registry Transformation Project is now available for public comment. The new draft technical specification updates the last technical specification published as part of the 2005...

Call for Nominations for Demand Class Director 16/08/2017

The auDA Board is seeking nominations, including from its demand class membership, for the Demand Class Director casual vacancy resulting from the resignation of Dr Michaella Richards.

2017 auDA Board Minutes and Agendas now on Website 08/08/2017

As noted in the Board Communique last Thursday 3 August 2017 and consistent with our commitment to our members, we have reinstated the 2017 Board Minutes (up until June 2017, with...

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