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Notice of Special General Meeting – 2017 07/07/2017

The Board of Directors of .au Domain Administration Limited (auDA) invites members to attend a Special General Meeting (SGM).

Announcement regarding the assessment and evaluation of responses to auDA’s Request for Expressions of Interest to its Registry Transformation Project 06/07/2017

auDA is pleased to announce the composition of the Tender Process Committee and the Tender Evaluation Committee applicable to the Registry Transformation Project.

Policy Review Panel EOI 04/07/2017

CEO Cameron Boardman announced at the 2016 AGM that we will be undertaking a complete review of all auDA policies.

Close of Requests for Expressions of Interest 28/06/2017

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) today is pleased to announce at closing of the Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) for the Registry Transformation Project (RTP), a total of 15...

Registry Transformation Project: Request for Expressions of Interest 29/05/2017

auDA has decided to conduct a tender process to enable auDA to build and operate a dedicated .au registry.

Announcement regarding the resignation of Rachael Falk, Director Technology, Security and Strategy 26/05/2017

auDA’s Director of Technology, Security and Strategy, Rachael Falk, has advised auDA’s CEO, Cameron Boardman, that she will be resigning at the end of June to pursue other career opportunities.

Update on the Registry Transformation Project 05/05/2017

BackgroundOn 26 April 2017, we announced our decision to conduct a restricted tender exercise to enable auDA to build and operate a dedicated .au registry.

New Independent Board Director Announcement 27/04/2017

On behalf of the Board of .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) I’m pleased to announce the appointment of a new Board Director, Sandra Hook.

auDA ends exclusive negotiations with AusRegistry in relation to the Registry Licence Agreement 26/04/2017

In December 2016, the Board of auDA resolved to enter into a period of exclusive negotiations for the management of auDA’s registry operations beyond 2018, with AusRegistry, reserving the right...

Return to services of Enetica 27/03/2017

Following the outage experienced for registrants last week, auDA have been assured by Enetica that their Domain Name services are now fully operational.

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