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Update From the auDA Chair 11/12/2019

Dear Associate Members and friends of auDA,

Why letting your unused domain names expire can be risky 04/12/2019

Letting unused domain names expire can be a security and reputational risk for your organisation.

Staying safe when making donations online 26/11/2019

Events like the recent bushfires prompt incredible generosity from Australians, but can also be a magnet for scammers. Here's how to stay safe when donating online.

auDA Confirms Board Appointees 12/11/2019

.au Domain Administration can confirm its new board appointees following the completion of a selection and ballot process in accordance with the organisation’s charter.

auDA Opens Ballot For Elected Director Candidates 24/10/2019

auDA has opened a ballot for its Associate Members to elect four new directors.

Notice of Annual General Meeting 21/10/2019

.au Domain Administration Limited

auDA 2018/19 Annual Report details ambitious transformation program 21/10/2019

auDA's 2018/19 Annual Report details a year of significant achievement and transformation.

Have Your Say: auDA Privacy Policy and Data Breach Response Plan 04/10/2019

auDA is seeking public feedback on its Privacy Policy and Data Breach Response Plan.

auDA RRP Decision 20193787 03/10/2019

auDA today acknowledges the decision of the independent Registrant Review Panel (RRP), in regard to, and 184 others.

Consultation About Australia’s Domain Name Rule Changes 03/10/2019

auDA is seeking community feedback on a number of changes to the .au Licensing Rules.

Update on the Introduction of Second Level Registrations and the new .au Licensing Rules 21/08/2019

An update on major policy changes for the .au ccTLD

National Scams Awareness Week 2019: Avoiding Domain Name Related Scams 15/08/2019

It’s currently National Scams Awareness week and in support we’re highlighting a couple of ways people are tricked when it comes to domain names and how you can avoid getting caught.

From the auDA Chair: Update on the Appointment of auDA Directors 09/08/2019

Dear Associate Members,

Call for Expressions of Interest: Elected Non-Executive Board Directors 09/08/2019

auDA is seeking candidates for the four elected non-executive director positions. 

auDA’s CTO: 15 Years Of Keeping .au Secure And Stable 06/08/2019

auDA would like to celebrate the hard work of its longest-serving staff member, CTO Adam King, who recently celebrated 15 years as a member of the auDA team.

Statement from the auDA Board 30/07/2019

The auDA Board today reluctantly accepted the resignation of auDA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cameron Boardman.

auDA Quarterly Stakeholder Report - Q2 2019 26/07/2019

auDA's Stakeholder report for Q2 2019 is now available.

Expressions of Interest: Licence Review Panel 25/07/2019

**Note: The EOI period is now closed.**

Reconstitution of the auDA Board 19/07/2019

An update on the progress and process for the reconstitution of the auDA Board.

Third Party Platforms Offering .au Domain Name Registrations: Read The Fine Print 16/07/2019

It’s important to understand what you’re getting when it comes to .au domain names offered by third party online platforms or services you might use to help run your business.

Events and Community Activities Strategy: Applications Open for Community Event Grants 15/07/2019

auDA's Community and Events Strategy is now available and applications are now open for community event funding.

.au Licensing Rules: Trademarks and Eligibility for .au Domain Names 11/07/2019

The new .au Licensing Rules change how being an owner or applicant of a registered Australian Trademark enables a person to meet the Australian presence test.

Updates to Reserved Names List 03/07/2019

auDA invites comments from Australia's internet community regarding the reservation of names for future use as second level namespaces.

auDA Nomination Committee appointed 19/06/2019

auDA is pleased to announce the establishment of the Nomination Committee, as required by auDA’s new constitution which was adopted on 27 September 2018.

Updates on the Introduction of Second Level Registrations and the New .au Licensing Rules 19/06/2019

The auDA board resolved some of the outstanding issues concerning the implementation of second level registrations and the new .au licensing rules at its meeting this week.

Statement from the auDA Board 18/06/2019

The auDA Board today announced the immediate resignation of auDA Chair Chris Leptos AM.

Registrant Review Panel Decision 20191737 06/06/2019

auDA today acknowledges the decision of the independent Registrant Review Panel (RRP), in regards to

Have Your Say: DNSSEC Policy and Practice Statement 05/06/2019

Submissions close 27 June 2019.

Implementation policy for second level .au domain names approved 31/05/2019

Second level .au domain names - such as -  will soon be available in the .au country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) after the auDA board adopted the proposed...

Consumer alert: Beware of unsolicited emails offering similar domain names 23/05/2019

Registrants should be wary of unsolicited offers to register domain names similar to .au domain names they hold licences for.

Registrant Review Panel Decision RRP 20191886 21/05/2019

auDA today acknowledges the decision of the independent Registrant Review Panel (RRP), in regards to

auDA Quarterly Stakeholder Report - Q1 2019 16/04/2019

As part of our renewed accountability and transparency initiatives, auDA will now be collating and publishing quarterly updates for stakeholders and the public on the organisation’s agenda and progress.

You're invited: auDA Associate Membership launch 29/03/2019

We are excited to announce auDA's upcoming Associate Membership launch. 

auDA announces further phases of public consultation for policy reform 26/03/2019

The Policy Review Panel (PRP) is inviting feedback from the Australian community on its final recommendations to the auDA Board.

Have Your Say: auDA Corporate Policies 06/03/2019

We're seeking public comment on the following three documents: 

Appointment of Advisory Standing Committees 04/03/2019

auDA is pleased to announce the appointment of members to the General Advisory Standing Committee and the Technical Advisory Standing Committees.

If Melbourne was European, would it rate as a digital innovation hub? 26/02/2019

The research was conducted by the Centre for Innovative Industries Economic Research as part of the first phase of the development of the Australian Digital Cities Index.

Call for participants: Focus groups on reform of existing auDA policies & implementation of direct registration 21/02/2019

The Policy Review Panel is seeking participants for focus group sessions as part of its work finalising its recommendations.

Beware of Unsolicited Domain Registration Invoices 20/02/2019

.au registrants are being sent unsolicited invoices for domain names.

Call for Expressions of Interest: Advisory Standing Committees 14/01/2019

As a consequence of the adoption of the new auDA Constitution in September 2018, expressions of interest are now being sought for participation in the new Technical Advisory Standing Committee and...