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Code of Practice - call for nominations 19/12/2001

auDA invites people with an interest in developing a Code of Practice for the domain name industry to nominate for a position on the Code drafting committee.

auDA Launches Generic Domain Name Auction 18/12/2001

3,006 domain names like and are now available

auDA selects test-bed registrars 17/12/2001

On 5 November 2001 auDA released a Request for Expressions of Interest for registrars to participate in the test-bed with the new registry operator, AusRegistry.

auDA Awards Registry Tender To RegistrarsAsia Subsidiary 12/12/2001

Melbourne, Australia, 12 December 2001 – auDA today announced that it has awarded the tender for registry services in,,, and to AusRegistry Pty Ltd, a...

Outcomes of auDA 2001 AGM 03/12/2001

auDA held its third Annual General Meeting on Monday 26 November 2001 at the Sebel Hotel in Melbourne.

auDA releases Request for Expressions of Interest for test-bed registrars 05/11/2001

Melbourne, 5 November 2001 - auDA releases Request For Expressions Of Interest - Test-Bed Registrars For .Au Second Level Domains.

auDA signs agreement with ICANN 30/10/2001

Melbourne 30 October 2001 - auDA has signed an Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to formalise the transfer of delegation for the .au country...

auDA releases Request for Tender for provision of registry services 22/10/2001

Melbourne 22 October 2001 - auDA today released its Request for Tenders for Provision of Domain Name Services (RFT) for the following .au second level domains;

auDA moves swiftly to protect AUNIC database 19/10/2001

Melbourne, 19 October 2001 - auDA has moved swiftly to protect security of the AUNIC database following reports of a breach of security.

Transition to Competition 03/10/2001

Pursuant to the recommendations of the Competition Model Advisory Panel's final report, auDA is preparing to issue a Request for Tender for the provision of registry services for the following...

Registry Technical Specification - Call for Comments 25/09/2001

auDA has released the Registry Technical Specification for public comment.

auDA Budget and Funding 24/09/2001

auDA has determined its operating expenses for 2002 and its budget for the transition to competition.

.au Delegated to auDA 03/09/2001

Melbourne, 3 September 2001 - The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (the IANA), the international body for the Internet domain names system will delegate responsibility for the .au domain to auDA.

Update on Redelegation of .au 31/08/2001

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has released its Report on Request for Redelegation of the .au Top Level Domain.

auDA to consider creating new domains in 2002 20/08/2001

The auDA Board has approved the report of its Name Policy Advisory Panel on the possible creation of new second level domains (2LDs) in the .au domain, that would operate...

auDA approves Competition Model for .au 12/07/2001

The auDA Board has approved the final report of the Competition Model Advisory Panel, which recommends a model for the introduction of competition in the provision of domain name services...

auDA requests ICANN to redelegate .au 07/06/2001

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) has now commenced the formal process for management of the .au Country Code Top Level Domain to be re-delegated to auDA.

New AUNIC hosting arrangements 03/06/2001

On 3 June 2001, auDA migrated AUNIC onto a new server hosted by NetRegistry.

Information regarding the current state of 30/05/2001

auDA is aware that many people have experienced significant delays in registering a new domain name, or redelegating an existing domain name, in the 2LD.

auDA Releases Public Consultation Reports 11/05/2001

auDA’s Competition Model Advisory Panel, Name Policy Advisory Panel, and Dispute Resolution Working Group have each released public consultation reports.

auDA Approves Changes to Domain Name Policy 09/05/2001

The auDA Board has approved the final recommendations of its Name Policy Advisory Panel, clearing the way for significant changes to the Australian domain name system (DNS).

auDA Panel Recommends Changes to Domain Name Policy 12/04/2001

auDA’s Name Policy Advisory Panel has completed its review of Australian domain name policies, and recommended several changes aimed at making it easier for Australians to license .au domain names. domain name licences 02/04/2001

WARNING - Domain Name Licences are for 2 years and must be renewed for each 2 year period.

auDA Public Forum 01/03/2001

MONDAY 12 MARCH 200112.30pm - 2.00pm

A new domain name environment for Australia 16/02/2001

auDA’s two Advisory Panels have released public consultation reports proposing changes to domain name policy, and a model for introducing competition in the provision of domain name services in Australia.

WARNING - Domain Name Licence Renewals 23/01/2001

A number of companies are now offering domain name renewal services, but some of these companies do not always explain the choice consumers have in their decision to renew...